• tortilla crusted fresh catfish filet with lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickled jalapeno tartar sauce on house flatbread
  • 11.95
  • cubano – thin sliced smoked ham, slow roasted pulled pork, swiss cheese, house dill pickles & black cherry mustard served oven hot on hector’s hoagie
  • 9.95
  • roasted medley of red pepper, red onion, cauliflower, broccoli, wild mushroom and garlic wilted kale with a pumpkin & goat cheese spread in a toasted flour tortilla and served with a lemon tahini dipper
  • 9.95
  • french brie cheese, black cherry & honey crisp apple chutney and baby arugula on homemade honey wheat bread
  • 9.95
  • grilled turkey burger with maple wood smoked cheddar cheese, chicken bacon,  pickled jalapenos, leaf lettuce, tomato and green onion aioli on a homemade potato cross bun
  • 9.95
  • balsamic and herb roasted portabella cap, sundried tomato pesto, fresh mozzarella, bibb lettuce, cucumber & alfalfa sprouts on homemade focaccia bread
  • 8.95

above zestwiches served with your choice of fresh honey poppyseed slaw, zesty pasta salad or veggie chips

substitute house or caesar salad .95

substitute soup of the day 1.95

substitute fresh fruit of the season 1.95


  • mediterranean  hummus with bread 3.95
  • fresh fruit of the season 2.95
  • simple salad 2.50
  • veggie chips 1.95
  • kettle chips 1.50
  • 2 slices of honey wheat toast 1.00
  • zesty pasta salad .95
  • fresh honey poppyseed slaw .95
  • hot ‘n spicy sauce .50
  • ramekin of sour cream .50
  • grape or homemade seasonal jelly .50


  • tarragon chicken salad
  • chunks of chicken, roasted carrots and fresh celery tossed with an incredible tarragon- scallion dressing on mixed greens with a balsamic reduction
  • 8.95
  • select
  • specially picked mixed greens, black mission figs, fresh pears, crumbled blue cheese and toasted walnuts with raspberry balsamic vinaigrette
  • 7.95
  • autumn orchard salad
  • honeycrisp apples, craisins, goat cheese and sliced almonds over a bed of mixed greens with champagne vinaigrette
  • 7.95
  • eat more kale
  • orange slices, raisins, avocado, asiago cheese and pistachios atop a bed of tender kale tossed in chili lime dressing
  • 7.95
  • zesty caesar
  • crisp romaine lettuce with pecorino romano cheese, toasted focaccia croutons and the most fantastic caesar dressing ever *anchovies by request
  • REGULAR 5.95
  • GRANDE 7.95
  • the house
  • specially picked mixed greens surging from a cucumber wrap with your choice of zestmade raspberry balsamic, lemon tahini, champagne vinaigrette, chili lime vinaigrette, or honey wasabi dressings
  • REGULAR 5.95
  • GRANDE 7.95
  • with salad a la carte
    grilled shrimp 4.00 6.00
    salmon filet 4.00 6.00
    salmon cake 4.00 6.00
    chicken breast 3.00 5.00


  • smoked ham, pineapple chunks, zesty marinara and fresh mozzarella drizzled with BBQ sauce
  • 9.95


  • awesome quesadilla – roasted chicken, poblano peppers and sweet potatoes with monterey jack cheese stuffed in a flour tortilla – served with cuban black beans, lettuce and tomato salsa
  • 10.95
  • spinach and cheese ravioli with zesty marinara sauce, topped with pine nuts and romano cheese – served with a side salad
  • 9.95
  • chilaquiles… chili pulled chicken, tortilla chips, black beans, salsa verde and monterey jack cheese – topped with shredded lettuce, fresh tomatoes and guacamole with a side of sriracha sour cream
  • 9.95
  • *add 2 scrambled eggs 3.00
  • eastern spring rolls stuffed with sesame grilled chicken, rice noodles and fresh veggies – served with orange hoisin dipping sauce and a fresh herb salad tossed in vietnamese dressing (spring rolls served chilled)
  • 9.95


  • choice of veg or not-veg
  • REGULAR 3.95
  • GRANDE   6.00
  • regular soup and caesar, house or chicken salad combo
  • 8.95
  • consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood or eggs may increase your risk for food-borne illness